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30 June 2014

Another Summer in SLO, Part 12 {Donuts and Water Play}

While Daddy's away, the girls will play!  We headed down Saturday morning to our favorite donut place in Arroyo Grande.  It was so close to where we stayed last year, but it was a bit more of a drive from up here in SLO.  I couldn't believe it, but when we walked in, one of the girls who worked there said, "You guys made it back!"  We scarfed down our donuts and then headed back up to the house to change and head over to Jacob's house for some water play.

➹ Last year, Olivia wore this same dress to the donut shop! ➹

➹ That's the face of a little stinker! ➹

After we left, I took the girls over to Trader Joe's to pick up a few things.  Right next to TJs is a cute little toy store.  The girls spied some watering cans outside and really wanted them.  I promised them that we could get them if they were good in Trader Joe's.  Thankfully they were, and so we headed over with three bags of groceries to the toy store.  I had about zero desire to unbuckle my wild child and browse the toy store, so I stayed outside the door and sent Olivia in with the watering cans and some cash.  She had some doubts that she could do it, but she did and as you can see from the picture, she was SO excited that she made her first purchase.  Next time, I think she's going to have to do it with her own money!

Katie came over Saturday evening to hang out with the girls, but they were seriously so rowdy, trying to outdo each other and impress Katie, that I didn't get any pictures.  We were all pretty wiped out on Sunday, so we spent most of the day watching Netflix and cleaning up.  I definitely needed that!

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Mom Cooper said...

I love the donut faces of the girls. Thanks for being so faithful with all the adorable pictures of your fun activities in SLO.

Glad you all are having a good time and being able to be with your CA friends but Nana is having withdrawal pains from being away from her girls.