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01 June 2014

California Girls are Unforgettable

Olivia has been taking dance lessons one day a week after school at her preschool.  It is a really great program and is truly a win-win for just about everyone.  She stays right there at her school, and the teachers travel to her!  So, basically, she gets to stay after school with her friends and do fun dances, while I get an extra 45 minutes of only having one kid to clean up after!  Why we only started this in January is beyond me!

After a few months of practice, the girls in her dance group performed at a real recital last night!  {Yeah, you read that right...last night...I'm blogging in almost real time right now!}  Friday was their dance rehearsal, and that's where we were allowed to take pictures.  They didn't want anyone taking pictures the night of the recital, so I'm glad I was there for the rehearsal.  Olivia and David had also been going to the school on a few Saturdays to practice a special Daddy/Daughter dance that they performed after the intermission.  

I'm really so proud of Olivia!  I never did dance when I was younger {even though I loved music and I loved to dance} because I was so terrified of performing in front of people and messing up.  I'm so glad that Olivia didn't have that same fear.  She was so excited to get dressed up in her costume, have her hair and make-up done, and hang out with her friends backstage.  I hope she continues to love dance and performing for many years to come.

You know I took a ton of pictures, so shall we just get on with it?  

➹ Giving me a Dave Matthews' look if I ever saw one! ➹

➹ I think they are supposed to be doing the same move. ➹

➹ Olivia and her friend, Zoey. ➹

➹ She came up with this one all on her own! ➹

➹ I did my best to curl her hair for her ponytail. ➹

➹ I cheated and took a couple pictures of the Daddy/Daughter dance! ➹

➹ Olivia and her teacher!  She loved her! ➹

➹ Fingers crossed these two are in the same kindergarten class next year! ➹

I should note that Sydney sort of knows the dance too.  She practiced with Olivia doing the dance on YouTube.  I hope someday to see her up on stage too!


Mom Cooper said...

Watching Olivia was such a proud moment for us all. She did an outstanding job remembering all the steps. Love all the pictures. The daddy/daughter dance was awesome too. So glad we got to go see her in her first official dance recital. AND Uncle Rhino flew all the way from Atlanta to see her too! She sure is special.

Irma said...

I think this shy child needs to come out her shell! :-)

So darn cute. Wish we could have been there. Hugs and kisses to the girls.